Winterizing Your Home

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As the cooler months approach, there is fundamental action that needs to be taken to prepare yourself, your home, and your family, for winter. Every home should be thoroughly prepared for winter. Here are the Top 5 things we find to be the most important for your home and family.



  1. Maintain your furnace: Take precaution, check your filters, get your ducts cleaned,  and call a technician to inspect your fans, pilot and cleanliness of the furnace, before the temperature drops and you are stuck in a cold house. Give us a call to assist you with this step, and ask us about significant discounts for signing up on our RPM (Routine Preventative Maintenance) program.
  2. Cover your Air Conditioning Unit: As it cools down, the leaves get wet, sticks and cones blow around, and they can get into your unit. Debris can damage the fins of the air conditioner and affect performance when you turn it back on in the Spring. Avoid the hassle later, by getting a cover and saving you time and money, now.
  3. Weather-strip your windows: By placing a small strip of weather tape in the sills of the windows, you can save money, keep your furnace from working so hard, and keep your family warmer. The cool air won’t come through the windows, forcing you to “crank up the heat”. No extra breeze or draft in those small cracks.
  4. Clean your gutters: Get those leaves, sticks, and cones, out of here! A simple task such as cleaning your gutters will prevent damage to the exterior of your home and possibly the interior as well. It will help to prevent freezing gutters and even possible leaks into the home from an over loaded gutter.
  5. Remove outdoor hoses: Water can stay in the hose and freeze. If that hose is connected to the house, it can freeze those pipes. This will make a huge issue for leaking and bursting pipes. So take a second, unscrew the hose, drain it and roll it up. That way it’s in good condition for Spring!

This fall, as it cools off, prepare yourself, your home, and your family with these 5 simple steps. It comes quickly, so start prepping now to winterize your home.

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  • Zequek Estrada


    It’s awesome how simple these solutions are for winterizing you home. It goes to show that it doesn’t take much effort when there is good maintenance. I like to watch a lot of DIY type of TV shows. Most of the time, the main reason there’s something wrong with the house is because the home could have been better winterized.


  • Becca Holton


    Getting a cover for your air conditioner sounds like a good idea. I’ve heard that it’s good to get your system inspected right before the season changes. That way, you can ensure there won’t be any problems in the future.


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