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Keep your commercial HVAC system running smoothly all year long

With A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning’s Commercial Maintenance Plan

Get regular expert maintenance on your heating and air conditioning system in Weld County, and ensure that your HVAC system is ready to take on any extreme weather conditions.

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Keep Your Business Running with Scheduled HVAC Maintenance

Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance is a necessity for businesses all across Weld County and the Front Range. We’re committed to building long-term partnerships, providing efficient, dependable, and properly functioning HVAC systems to keep your business running. With the A-1 Commercial Maintenance Plan, you’ll never have to worry about your system giving out on you right when you need it.


Your heating and air conditioning system makes up at least half of your building’s energy costs, and the larger your facilities, the more important it is for properly functioning systems. To keep from breaking down when you need it most, we offer affordable maintenance plans that extend the life of your systems and prevent unnecessary interruptions to business operations.
With the A-1 Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plan, you can:

A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning’s Commercial Maintenance Plan

All Your Business’s HVAC Needs in One Place

The A-1 Heating and Air conditioning maintenance plan is the only choice for a consistent, great-working HVAC unit that functions properly for its full lifespan–essential for maintaining a healthy and enjoyable environment for your employees and clients. Our plan includes:

Exclusive Weld County Maintenance Membership Benefits:

A tailored percentage of savings Clean burner assembly, ignition assembly, and heat exchange or heating elements
Twice a year prepaid maintenance and quarterly filter changes as needed Inspect and clean burners for efficiency
Lower utility bills Verification of proper flue draft
Extended equipment life Testing of refrigerant pressure, compressor starting capabilities, and safety controls
Fewer repairs Inspection of blower motor and housing assembly
Lost efficiency restored Cleaning or replacing air filters
15% discount* on repair Tightening of electrical connections
Priority service Measure voltage and amperage draw
Transferable membership Lubricating all moving parts if applicable
24-hour emergency service Checking thermostat programming and operation
Schedule at your convenience Cleaning condenser coils and drains
Air conditioning service in the spring and heating service in the fall Measuring temperature rise & drop
Filter replacement and/or cleaning. *Does not apply to equipment replacement

Multi-Point Inspections

18 Point Heating Service Checklist 16 Point Air Conditioning Service Checklist
Check fan control settings Test safety controls and devices
Check program and adjust thermostat Check for proper voltage to all motors
Check air temperature drop across evaporator Check for adequate refrigerant charge
Check burners Check blower motor and wheel
Check and adjust pilot assembly if applicable Check electrical time delay circuits
Change filters (pleated type, standard sizes only) Inspect contactors
Check for proper safeties Check programing and adjust thermostat as needed
Check for gas leaks in furnace Check condensing unit wiring and connections
Check electrical connections within furnace Check that condensation drain clear and drains properly
Check motor and blower wheel Wash out condenser coil
Inspect heat exchanger Check compressor amperage draw
Change filters (pleated type, standard size only) Check refrigerant metering device
Check flue-vent connector for leaks
Check and test high limit control
Check air temperature rise through exchanger
Check heat exchanger
Check for proper flue vent drafting
Check condition of air ducts
Check and replace belts as needed

What our Customers are Saying:

Jeff Schreiner
Jeff Schreiner
Our AC went out and Robbie was able to come out same-day and diagnose the issue. He was really thorough and explained everything. Sadly the manufacturer dropped the ball on the order, but A-1 was very transparent and got it taken care of. Once the part came in, Robbie was back out promptly, made the repair, and our AC is back to fighting these record-breaking temps.
Kent Evers
Kent Evers
A-1 did a great job installing a/c on the house . They did a great job !!!!
Lee Ann Lovelace
Lee Ann Lovelace
I cannot say enough about the excellent service this company has!!! They are responsive and kind, not trying to just make money off of you. Thomas and Ronnie, are 2 very sweet techs that have serviced my AC. What a great business model!!!
Kendrick Bowlin
Kendrick Bowlin
The service was beyond what I was expecting. There were no hidden fee's or charges when I got my invoice. The issue was diagnosed and fixed in no time. I highly recommend this company -based on my experience-
Doug Measner
Doug Measner
The best in town. I use them for all my apt buildings. Quick to get out. Quick to get em fixed. Reasonable prices.
Fisher Landscaping
Fisher Landscaping
Aaron has been great to work with! Thank you for the Quick response time and very professional. Thank you A-1 Heating!
Meghan vernier
Meghan vernier
I would give them 10 stars if I could! We had other contractors come in and tell us we needed a whole new ac unit for $5k-$20k when our ac stopped working. A1 literally saved us thousands of dollars by fixing our ac unit and being honest about what was wrong. They are now our go to HVAC people!

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