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Humidifier Installation

Humidifier Installation In Greeley, Colorado

Whole home or in-duct humidifiers are installed alongside your forced-air furnace, plumbed into your water supply, and are ideal if you want to humidify your whole house. Their easy change filters require service once or twice per year and are less expensive to run (around $30 per year, compared to as much as $350 per year for tabletop models). There are four types of whole house units:

A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning

Humidifier Controls

Many units utilize manual humidity control using a humidistat, requiring manual adjustment to match outdoor conditions. Higher-end units will utilize a humidity control in your smart thermostat with an outdoor temperature sensor to automatically adjust the setpoint to the recommended level for the indoor temperature.

Unit Sizing

Our qualified service technicians and installers can recommend the proper sized humidifier for your home. There are several different size units, which are rated in gallons per day (gpd). This is the maximum amount the unit will put into the air in one day. This will vary depending on how your furnace is operating and the temperature of the air leaving the furnace.

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