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The evolution of furnaces has been significant over the years. Conventional furnaces exhausted combustion gases fast and hot so they would exit the chimney flue before cooling and condensing. The furnace heat exchanger would not as efficiently collect as much heat from the fuel combustion process as possible. Condensing furnaces have the ability to capture some heat even after the combustion exhaust gases have cooled and condensed. This is accomplished by utilizing two heat exchangers, one designed for primary heat exchange and one to handle condensed exhaust gases consisting of water and carbon dioxide. The exhaust gases are depleted of a portion of their heat until the condensate drips out of the heat exchanger and the flue gases exit from a plastic PVC pipe instead of a chimney.

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There are three types of furnaces recommended today:

where the burner and blower have one “on” stage. Available in 80% efficient and high-efficient furnaces.

burner flame and burner to operate on a high and low setting depending on how much heat is required. Available in 80% and high-efficient furnaces.

controls for the burner and blower motor to allow fine-tuned adjustments to the burner setting and blower motor speed, and modulates them to keep the temperature of the room, closest to the thermostat setting. Available in high-efficient furnaces only.

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Furnace Efficiency Ratings

The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) is a thermal efficiency measure of combustion equipment such as furnaces, boilers, and water heaters. AFUE measures the amount of fuel converted to heat in the space, in proportion to the amount of fuel entering the furnace. The higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient the furnace is

Efficiency categories can be organized as follows:

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Jeff Schreiner
Jeff Schreiner
Our AC went out and Robbie was able to come out same-day and diagnose the issue. He was really thorough and explained everything. Sadly the manufacturer dropped the ball on the order, but A-1 was very transparent and got it taken care of. Once the part came in, Robbie was back out promptly, made the repair, and our AC is back to fighting these record-breaking temps.
Kent Evers
Kent Evers
A-1 did a great job installing a/c on the house . They did a great job !!!!
Lee Ann Lovelace
Lee Ann Lovelace
I cannot say enough about the excellent service this company has!!! They are responsive and kind, not trying to just make money off of you. Thomas and Ronnie, are 2 very sweet techs that have serviced my AC. What a great business model!!!
Kendrick Bowlin
Kendrick Bowlin
The service was beyond what I was expecting. There were no hidden fee's or charges when I got my invoice. The issue was diagnosed and fixed in no time. I highly recommend this company -based on my experience-
Doug Measner
Doug Measner
The best in town. I use them for all my apt buildings. Quick to get out. Quick to get em fixed. Reasonable prices.
Fisher Landscaping
Fisher Landscaping
Aaron has been great to work with! Thank you for the Quick response time and very professional. Thank you A-1 Heating!
Meghan vernier
Meghan vernier
I would give them 10 stars if I could! We had other contractors come in and tell us we needed a whole new ac unit for $5k-$20k when our ac stopped working. A1 literally saved us thousands of dollars by fixing our ac unit and being honest about what was wrong. They are now our go to HVAC people!

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